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Enjoy BOW With Referral and Promo Codes

In small free instances in hectic daily life, you often think of how amazing it would be if you could just get a quick massage. After a tiring day at work, you get home and you just want to put your feet up and get pampered; you would give anything to just get a relaxing pedicure or a refreshing facial. However, this seems too good to be true. The fact is – it’s not! It is now actually possible to get pampered at your convenience, without having to go to the salon. Whether it’s a haircut or a facial you would like, all you need to do is to grab your phone, download an app and make an appointment whenever you want, wherever you want!

While you might have heard of barbers, beauticians or body massagers providing services at home by sending in experts with essential supplies, have you ever heard of the experts bringing their entire place with them? That’s what BOW is. You can get barbers, beauticians and body massagers on wheels, all through this innovative mobile salon experience that isn’t limited to a certain location!

How Does BOW Work

In simple terms, experts in a mobile salon come to designated places to provide the services you book. The aim of the initiative is to take the hassle and the extra cost out of the process, and to make sure everyone can get a haircut or a massage without having to go to extra lengths. It also aims at providing a comfortable, one-on-one experience at the customer’s convenience. All one has to do is to book an appointment, and the services will be at their doorstep!

Why Use BOW

The rationale is simple: instead of spending money on gas to get to a salon and then wait for your turn, who wouldn’t want the salon to come to them? BOW saves you time and money, while still making sure you get top-notch services.

BOW Referral Advantages

A advantage with using BOW is the fact that it’s a new application, which means you get to enjoy all the promotional prices! For one, there are promotional codes that you can then use for haircuts, facial treatments, massages and other grooming services. This means you save extra money; not only does the expert come to you, they also offer you a discount!
The chances of earning discounts are further heightened with referral codes. It is as simple and telling a busy friend or a coworker about the app, inviting them to download it and encouraging them to use it. If anyone joins with your referral code, you yourself enjoy huge discount on BOW services. You could also book services with the friend you refer and make the experience all the more better, because who doesn’t want a relaxing spa day in a salon right outside their house, and that too with someone close to them?
Download the BOW app today and begin making use of your exclusive promotional and referral codes!

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